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  •  Multi-function Laryngeal Mask
  •  Multi-function Laryngeal Mask

Multi-function Laryngeal Mask

Smooth ETT Tube
It is suitable for establishing artificial airway for patients requiring anesthesia or rescue.
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                                             Multi-function Laryngeal Mask


Silicone Material 

    It has features of flexibility and biocompatibility with silicone material.

● Dual Safety

    Gastric tube can be inserted to BlockbusterTM to prevent gastric reflux risk of aspiration.

    The design of ventilation tube and guidance device makes it easy to exchange to ET Tube.

● Good Seal and Long Time Ventilation

   The design of ventilation mask conforms to anatomy and can achieve good seal and long time ventilation. The design of bite block can prevent the tube from being bitten.

Easy to Insert and Fix
   The curve of BlockbusterTM is designed for rapid blind insertion. Four-way connector makes it easy to fix after placement.

● Block BusterTM ETT
   Being equiped with a special Block BusterTM ET Tube and exchange guide can enhance success rate of intubation.


Applicable Scope:


Anesthesiology      Emergency      Ophthalmologic operation      Patients who have adverse reaction of endotracheal tube inserting





Type of Multifunction laryngeal mask

Type of Stomach Tube

Type of Reinforced Endotracheal Tube



Fr12     Fr14

6.0#    6.5#


Fr14     Fr16

6.5#    7.0#


Fr14     Fr16

7.0#    7.5#